At Cardiff Granite we offer both natural granite and engineered quartz options for you to choose from for your kitchen. When considering upgrading your kitchen worktops, both graite and quartz should be considered. See a selection of colours that we have to offer in both granite and quartz on our website. Alternatively, please feel free to stop by our showroom, where someone will be happy to show you around.  


When choosing which material is right for your worktops, there are a number of points to consider. There are some benefits to using Granite, including its asthetics. Granite is a natural stone, meaning that each piece is unique. It is formed by nature, cut and then polished to give it a high shine finish.


Granite can withstand high temperatures and can therefore be used for other projects around the home, including fire hearths and surrounds. At Cardiff Granite we can provide and cut pieces for these projects at low costs. Call our team now to discuss your project, or stop by our showroom to see our available materials.



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