COMPAC is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and distribution of quartz surfaces. To produce this material, the IQ Circular Science concept has been applied, which the company incorporates in all its production processes. This way of working consists of producing surfaces in a sustainable way, using energy from 100% renewable sources and reusing 98% of the water in the production process, which is also of rainwater origin.


The ICE of Genesis collection is designed by internatioanlly renowned artist, Arik Levy, with one the companies strongest and most durable surfaces, Quartz COMPAC. Using the great frozen lakes of the Arctic as inspiration, Levy has created a series of designs that are reminiscent of the sensation of walking on ice sheets: a unique balance between translucency, fragility and stability. Inspired by the seasons of the year, Arik Levy has created four new designs: ICE Green represents nature blooming in spring, ICE Gold the sunbeams of summer, ICE Viola the autumn lights and ICE Ink the darkness of winterreflected in the frozen lakes that served as the conception of the collection. 


In addition, the four new designs include recycled raw materials in their formulation, which allows the surfaces to be recycled once their useful life is over. 






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