For Granite and Quartz Worktops

To keep your stone worktops looking like new, we recommend that our customers follow our care and maintenance guidlines below.



Both granite and quartz are hard wearing surfaces, but they are still vulnervable to scratches. We would recommend that all our customers use a chopping board to protect both your surfaces and knives and avoid cutting directly onto your stone surface. 




Thermal Shock

Granite and quartz are both heat resistant, and can withstand high temperatures for short periods of time, but like every other natural stone it is sensitive to sudden surfance temperature changes. We would recommend using a trivet in order to prevent hot pots and pans causing these sudden changes. 




Like all natural stone, granite is naturally porous. Our trained staff will seal your newly fitted worktops as part of our service, but we reccommed that our customers maintain the seal regularly. Ask our staff for advice on which products to use. Unlike granite, quartz does not need to be sealed and water repellants and sealants should not be used on the surface.


Keeping your worktops shiny and new can be easy with relatively little maintenance. We reccommend that our customers clean their worktops regularly with a nonabrasive bleach-free cleaner to ensure they remain as good as new. Simply wipe down your surfaces daily with warm water to keep them clean and dry with a soft cloth. 



  • Do not place hot objects directly onto the surface, always use a trivet to protect your worktop
  • Do not cut or chop directly onto the surface, always use a chopping board
  • If spills occur wipe them up quickly and dry
  • Do not use highly acidic cleaners as these can damage the surface layer


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